Your team nearshore

Reinforce your digital performance with a dedicated team of IT transformation experts.

Efficiency, Proximity, Flexibility*

Your team nearshore

Your dedicated team nearshore

Efficiency Proximity Flexibility

You need a skilled team to reinforce your workforce temporarily or permanently

+ We offer to set up a dedicated team offshore : you will select your team members after an online interview with the best professional profiles for you in Tanger a fast growing technopole only 2 hours from Paris.

+ We insure the Human Resources management : employment contracts, monthly salaries, verify working schedules and motivation, respect for the legal and statutory requirements, in-service training.

+ Your team will gather skilled people having the professional expertise while being lowcost* aligned on the cost of local living depending the workplace and customer engagement.

  • Le conseil en organisation & gestion financière

    Répond notamment aux besoins des entreprises dans le domaine de l’industrie, de l’énergie et du transport.
    Plan stratégique. Budget annuel, objectifs et business plan.

  • L'ingénierie des processus

    Conseil en organisation, spécification des tâches et profils.
    Élaboration de procédures. Amélioration et simplification des procédures.

  • La digitalisation des processus de gestion

    Répond aux besoins d’amélioration des performances de toute entreprise et administration. Diagnostique et cahier des charges.
    Intégration sur mesure ERP, digitalisation, gestion documentaire.

  • Sécurité, management du système d’information

    Infogérance des systèmes d’information et de gestion.
    Audit et sécurité informatique, hébergement des serveurs de gestion.

  • Francisco

    Spécialiste en logiciels et services dans le domaine de la gestion, Francisco est l’idéologue et le promoteur du développement de progiciels de gestion d’entreprise ERP implantés à ce jour dans plusieurs pays d’Europe ainsi que le Maroc depuis 20 ans.

  • Amaury

    Discuss robotics only if you have a lot of time!  Amaury dreamt to build androids though an ecologist siren converted him to the sustainable development.
    He founded an engineering company in Paris with a IT team in Tanger, eating couscous for 10+ years.

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Your team nearshore


    Your team nearshore !

    Your office : we host your team in a premium business center.

    + We fully set up the working environment : desks, computers, telecom, depending on your requirements.

    + Your dedicated team will either share a common open space or work within private offices.

    Your team : you manage and assign your dedicated team.

    + We provide next generation collaboration tools to securely connect and manage your team.

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